Cancer is something that affects almost everyone, and is devastating to families and sufferers alike. This is one of the reasons why ILoveBoobies was formed, in order to try to help those who have no access to cancer screening facilities, be screened and tested for all forms of cancer. By doing this, we hope to truly make a difference in these people’s lives. You can support our cause, and join the ILoveBoobies Movement by buying a pair – or two, or three – of our funky, comfortable and oh-so-stylish socks or our bright and beautiful kit from our online store.

Our socks and kit represent the true spirit of ILoveBoobies: we are fun, energetic, positive and active. All profits from the sale of merchandise are donated to CANSA, helping us reach our goal of sending mobile cancer screening units into remote areas, as well as promoting a healthy, active lifestyle to reduce cancer risks. Join the ILoveBoobies Movement by buying a pair of ILoveBoobies socks or buying our kit for your next event! Go to our online store to choose from some of our funky designs!

We welcome any sponsorships or donations from corporate or individual sponsors. If you would like to support our cause and donate to ILoveBoobies, an 18A tax certificate will be arranged if required, and the funds will be used to reach our goal of providing access to Mobile Health Clinics.