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Screening Report : KZN - Save Hyper with Thuli

Screening Report : KZN - Save Hyper with Thuli

Screening Report : KZN - Save Hyper with Thuli

Screening Team Manager: Alex Munch
Venue: Save Hyper on Victoria Street, Pietermaritzburg
Dates: 20th - 23rd of May 2024
Nurse: Thuli Mkhize

The breast cancer screening event at Save Hyper on Victoria Street, Pietermaritzburg, took place from May 20th to 23rd, 2024. The venue was a spacious canteen area, separate from the main building, decorated with posters featuring health tips and company policies, including one for the ILOVEBOOBIES SCREENING event.

Upon arrival, Alex Munch coordinated with the store manager and set up the screening area with the assistance of Nurse Thuli Mkhize. The setup included a screening bed and gazebo, and they began signing up women for the screenings. Many of the attendees spoke Zulu, which was a change from the predominantly Xhosa-speaking women usually encountered in previous screenings in the Western Cape.

Nurse Thuli was exceptional in her role, effectively demonstrating how to perform breast self-examinations. She guided the women step-by-step, encouraging them to follow along with instructions like, "Hands on the hips, now lean forward. Do you see any difference? You're looking for changes in shape, height, and symmetry." After these group demonstrations, she conducted individual examinations. Each woman received a pair of ILoveBoobies socks and an education flyer as a reminder of how to perform a self examination at home.

The team worked throughout the week to screen as many women as possible, ensuring that everyone received thorough and informative care.


  • Total women screened: 125
  • Total referred to Kauffmann Radiology for further diagnosis: 2

The event was successful, with Nurse Thuli’s clear communication and practical demonstrations empowering the women to take control of their breast health. The screenings not only facilitated early detection but also provided valuable education on breast cancer awareness.


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