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Fundraise as a company

Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR not only has the ability to improve the lives of those whom the project is aimed at, but of those who are involved along the way.

You’re probably familiar with some of the obvious CSR benefits, such as: 

  • Brand recognition 
  • Improved corporate reputation 
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty 
  • Organisational growth 
  • Increased Revenue 

However, there are many lesser known but equally important benefits of implementing a CSR/CSI strategy in your business. Driving CSR projects within your business can produce (among many) the following benefits:

Make a donation

Support the work that ILoveBoobies does by making a once-off donation. We are a registered non-profit organisation and can issue Section 18A Tax certificates.

Donate here

In-kind donations

If your company can support our work by providing resources or services, please get in touch with We like to provide a small care package for each of the women we screen. If you can donate an item for this cause, we’d be most grateful.

Corporate Fundraising as a Staff Project

Get staff involved in a shared fundraising project. Not only is giving back good for building staff morale but it also provides a natural sense of accomplishment, pride and identity. 

Starting a project is easy. 

Click here to find our profile on GivenGain.

Click ‘Start Fundraising’.

Create your company project.

Edit your profile to reflect why your company has chosen ILoveBoobies, what your target is and when your fundraising deadline is.

Add pics and remember to keep your supporters updated.

Share the link to your fundraiser with all employees.

You may find these resources helpful as you plan your fundraising project.

Invite a Speaker

If you’d like to know more about what we do, the importance of early detection and how we deal in hope, contact We will do our best to arrange one of our ambassadors to chat to your employees virtually or in person.