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2021 New Years Resolution Virtual Event

Starting 2021 right with the Virtual Event Challenge 


If you have completed the event and did not manage to load your results, please email to capture them and claim your finisher's certificate.

Choose between a 5 or 10km walk or run or a 25, 50 or 100km cycle, each day! That is 5km's for 3days in a row or 10km's for 3 days in a row. etc. Or, mix them all up with our 3 day Medley! 

Choose your route, the time of day and your tribe. Make it a family event or challenge your mates. If you are in Betty's Bay or St.Tropez or London for the holidays, that is where you will do your event. 

Your entry includes a great goody bag, you can choose any socks or a buff and it will be delivered with your medal after the event. Best of all you will be doing this in the name of ILoveBoobies and for a great cause. You being the best you can be, also gets to potentially save a life. Doesn't get better than that.

Here's your frequently asked questions with all the answers:

1. What is the race all about?

The race is a New Year’s Resolution Challenge . It is being held all over the world, for 3 days, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of January 2021.

2. What are the options to choose from?

Walk, 5 or 10km

Run, 5 or 10km

Cycle, 25, 50 or 100km

Medley, Walk, run & cycles for 3 days!


3. Can anyone participate?

Absolutely, register for the event, there is no age limit or time restriction to complete your activity.

4. Can I enter more than one person?

Absolutely, follow the instructions on the entry form.

5. Can I choose socks or a buff?

Yes each participant can choose their own buff or socks.

6. I have signed up and paid, what happens now?

Keep fit and enjoy your holidays, have an extra roast potato if you like at Xmas because you know come New Year’s Day, it’s game on!

7. I want to change the distance or sport I selected, How do I do that?

Send us an email refer to your order number and email address you used to sign up and we will do the rest.

8. Are we getting a race number?

Yes you will receive an email with your race number on the 31st of December 2020, you can keep it on your phone or print it at home.

9. Must I have a Garmin or Smart watch?

If you have one great, it makes keeping track of your distance and time much easier! If you don’t, it is not necessary. This event is based on honesty, each day you will receive an email with a link that you will upload your results to. If you submit false results, the only person you are cheating is yourself.

10. Must my distance be exactly what I have selected?

If you are one to push the limits you are more than welcome to go the extra distance and tell us.

11. What exactly happens on Day 1 Race Day?

You choose your route, you choose when (any time each day) you choose your family or friends to participate with. Get everyone involved. Get Ouma/Granny to set up a waterpoint. Make a note of your start time and finish time and distance. Upload your result to the link you have received for Day 1.

Day 2 & 3 are a REPEAT of above.

12. Are there prizes?

YES, lucky draw prizes and loads of CASH - R20 000  will be awarded on a lucky draw basis at 12 noon on the 4th of January 2021.

Cash will be split as follows :

1st number drawn : R5000

2nd & 3rd number drawn : R2500 each

4th to 13th number drawn : R1000 each.

Winners can choose a voucher for ILoveBoobies Merch or Cash.

13. Are there prizes for positions?

No, this event is a mass participation, feel good, start the year right event, there are no winner winner chicken dinners.

14. Will the results be displayed on the website?

Yes, as we receive your uploads, they will reflect on the website (in process).

15. What's in the Goodie Bag?

The Socks or Buff you selected when you place the order, a very special medal and a few little surprises.

16. When will I get my Goodie Bag?

We are worried that people will be away and not able to receive couriered packages. All Goodie Bags will be shipped on the 4th of January 2021. Shipping takes 2-5 days anywhere in South Africa. When you got your order confirmation, it also has a tracking number for you to see where your Goodie Bag is. Remember it’s going to be in our store until 4th of January 2021. The shipping label is generated as you place the order.

17. How does my participation make a difference?

By staying healthy and active you stand the best chance of preventing cancer. By talking about ILoveBoobies you create awareness for Breast Cancer and how important it is for Women to regularly check their breasts. Breast Cancer is most prevalent of all cancers. ILoveBoobies provides breast screenings to women who face economical or logistical challenges in South Africa. Proceeds from the sale of merchandise and your entry fee are used to fund the screening programme.

18.Two problems may occur when you upload your results:

  1. The link to upload your time, or edit your race is: 
  2. If you are NOT the main "enter-er", i.e. your wife/mom/other entered for you, then use the drop down and pick Customer Name, type some of their name, click SEARCH, then click on the Order # that appears below that matches your name and you should be good from there.
  3. Your computer security or email host server may have a fit when it sees “boobies”. If it rejects the upload, then email your result by return mail (to: and we will take it from there.