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Bosom Buddies 8th Annual Sea Dip / Swim - 17th Feb 2024 - Clifton, Cape Town

R 200.00

Join us as we raise awareness for the fighters, the survivors and remembering those who fought bravely. 

This is a women's only event. Limited to 200 participants. Pre-entry and registration required. Note the indemnity below. Young and Old, all ladies welcome. 

If Breast Cancer has touched your life, this will be the most meaningful event you will attend in 2024. Entries will sell out very fast. 


* Registration and mingle from 7.30am Clifton 3rd Beach
* Short introduction and welcome talk from ILoveBoobies at 7:45am
* Group topless (optional) photo from behind
* Dip/Swim/Bop in the sea at 8:00am 
* Change into warm clothes, bring a warm drink and snack and chat on the beach. 

Note: We will have lady lifesavers. Dipping in and out of the sea is perfect, you don't have to swim. We will have someone to watch the bags on the beach. We suggest you bring 2l flask of warm water to pour over yourselves, in the event the water is very cold.

100% of all funds raised are for the ILoveBoobies free breast cancer screening programme for women in need. Our goal is to raise funds to screen 150 women. The entry fee is R200. There is an optional  donation of R300 (cost of a screening).

Early detection saves lives.

Indemnity and Disclaimer

ILoveBoobies Bosom Buddies 8th Annual Sea Dip/Swim 2024

By willingly entering this event, I acknowledge that:
  1. I understand the extent of the event, and it's physical requirements.
  2. I am sufficiently trained and am in a satisfactory physical condition to undertake this event.
  3. I have consulted with my medical expert if I doubted my capacity.
  4. The risks inherent in the event, include, but are not limited to risks arising from my skill and ability as a swimmer, my nutrition and fluid intake, fitness, and health prior to and during the event, the terrain which the event traverses, weather conditions, water conditions, vehicular traffic, and the actions of other participants and the public.
  5. I participate solely upon my own cognizance, awareness, risk, and choice.
  6. I understand that my belongings I leave on the beach while I swim are my own risk. 
  7. I accordingly hereby indemnify and hold harmless ILoveBoobies za npc, to the fullest extent possible in law, against any claims occasioned as a result of my participation in the event.
  8. I will practice the law and health and safety protocols as are applicable in my country.
  9. If I am a parent or a guardian authorizing a minor’s participation in the event, that I am duly authorized to do so, and that I bind myself jointly with the minor, to the terms, conditions and indemnity described in this document.
  10. I have read this document properly and confirm that I agree to and are bound by its contents. If I needed to, I did seek independent legal counsel prior to entering this event.
  11. All events taking place in this activation may be photographed and video recorded for the use in marketing, social media and media purposes. By entering this event you grant ILoveBoobies za npc permission to use and publish any recorded material.