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Following a successful fundraising initiative with the Wines2Whales and Absa Cape Epic Mountain Bike races, our screening service will follow the route and screen the women who live in the areas that the races pass through. Our first farm was Beaumont Wines in Bot River.

On Tuesday the 28th of March, ILoveBoobies’ team of Alex, our screening manager, and Salome, the nurse of the day arrived at Beaumont Wines.

Beaumont had prepared one of their guest houses for screening purposes and we set up our screening bed, preparing the space for the women. Ideally, each woman feels like it is a safe space, where she can ask any questions without judgment and will not feel embarrassed or ashamed of her body.

We started with the kitchen staff of the restaurant as they were the closest on hand. Our friendly nurse, Salome gives each woman a personal explanation of the warning signs of breast cancer, how to screen oneself, and the importance of checking oneself, all the while giving them a breast examination. With years of experience in the medical field, Salome is well qualified to check a woman for any abnormalities and is a kind, nurturing person that patients walk away from glad to have met.

40 women went through the screening service, and an alarming 7 women with abnormalities were detected and needed further medical intervention. 

Some of the women chose to take their referral forms to their own medical practitioners, the other women, we have booked appointments with radiology for further testing and diagnosis. 

Thank you to Beaumont Wines for setting the ball rolling in the Bot River area. Farm Manager Nicci has introduced us to the other farms that need our service.

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