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ILoveBoobies NPC 2024

ILoveBoobies Virtual Events

By willingly entering this race, I acknowledge that:

  1. I understand the extent of the event, its distance, and physical requirements.
  2. I am sufficiently trained and am in a satisfactory physical condition to undertake this event.
  3. I have consulted with my medical expert if I doubted my capacity.
  4. The risks inherent in the event, include, but are not limited to risks arising from my skill and ability as a cyclist, my nutrition and fluid intake, fitness, and health prior to and during the event, the terrain which the event traverses, road surface, weather conditions, water conditions, vehicular traffic, and the actions of other competitors and the public.
  5. I participate solely upon my own cognizance, awareness, risk, and choice.
  6. I accordingly hereby indemnify and hold harmless the parties, to the fullest extent possible in law, against any claims occasioned as a result of my participation in the event.
  7. I will practice the law and health and safety protocols as are applicable in my country, especially those pertaining to the COVID-19 challenge.
  8. I grant permission to use my name, race information, photographs, video tapes, motion pictures, recordings, broadcasts, telecasts, and or any other record of this event in which I may appear, free of charge for ILoveBoobies purposes.
  9. If I am a parent or a guardian authorizing a minor’s participation in the event, that I am duly authorized to do so, and that I bind myself jointly with the minor, to the terms, conditions and indemnity described in this document.
  10. I have read this document properly and confirm that I agree to and are bound by its contents. If I needed to, I did seek independent legal counsel prior to entering this event.