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Frequently asked questions with all the answers


I didn't get my race briefing, where must I load my results?
You can click on this link to take you to the search page below. 

You should now be able to capture your time - remember HH:MM:SS. If you are still struggling (maybe your ISP kicks you off), please email your details and time to

What is the race all about?
The race is a Virtual Cycle Tour in aid of the ILoveBoobies Charity. It is being held all over the world between the 6th and 7th of March 2021, participate anytime from 6 March 00:00 AM GMT to 23:59 PM GMT on 7 March.

What are the options to choose from?
Cycle 109km or the half 54.5km or the lite 27.25km anywhere, choose your route and your bike type, road, mountain, gravel, e-bike, uni-cycle, tandem, or an indoor trainer.

Can anyone participate?
Absolutely, register for the event, there is no age limit to complete your activity.

I have signed up and paid, what happens now?
Get training, check and test your equipment, remember no helmet no ride if you are outside.

Must I have a Garmin or Smart watch?
If you have one great, it makes keeping track of your distance and time much easier! If you don’t, it is not necessary. This event is based on honesty, on race day you will receive an email with a link that you will upload your results and your favorite photo to. If you submit false results the only person you are cheating is yourself.

What's the deal with Strava?
If you are on Strava, join our
ILoveBoobies-Cycle club and one of our events:
109km challenge at ILoveBoobies Virtual Cycle Tour 109km – 7 March 2021 
54.5km challenge at ILoveBoobies Virtual Half Cycle Tour 54.5km – 7 March 2021 or
27.25km challenge at ILoveBoobies Virtual Cycle Tour Lite 27.25km - 7 March 2021.

Must my distance be exactly what I have selected?
The minimum is the distance you selected when you entered, but if you are one to push the limits you are more than welcome to go the extra distance. 

Are we getting a bike board?
 in your Goodie Bag, provided you enter early enough i.e. if you enter 3 days before the race, it is unlikely that your goodie bag will get to you before race day, but it will be sent to you anyway.

What is in the Goodie Bag?
The Socks or Buff you selected when you placed the order and any other merch you ordered. Bike board, ILoveBoobies fridge magnet, stickers, tattoo’s, and a few little surprises.

When will I get my Goodie Bag?
The goodie bag will be dispatched on order completion so that you get it before the race. We would love to see your photo’s with your stickers on your bike, tattoos on your calves and wearing your new merch. If you entered in the last week or even on the day, your goodie bag will still be shipped to you, but may not arrive before race day.

Are we getting a medal?
, instead of a medal, you will get a digital certificate a few days after the race, this will include your name, time and a photo if you have uploaded one.

What exactly happens on Race Day?

  • You choose your route, make it interesting and fun, stop at your favorite coffee shop along the way, remember to stay hydrated.
  • You choose the starting time.
  • You choose your crew/tribe/team mates to participate with or go solo.
  • Make a note of your start time, finish time and distance.
  • Take photo’s.
  • Upload your result & your favorite photo to the link you will receive by email on the morning of 7th of March 2021.
  • You have until midnight on the 8th of March 2021 to upload your result.

Are there prizes?
loads of CASH - R20 000  will be awarded on a lucky draw basis at 12 noon on the 9th of March 2021.** you must have participated and submitted your result.

Cash will be split as follows:

  • 1st number drawn : R5000
  • 2nd & 3rd number drawn : R2500 each
  • 4th to 13th number drawn : R1000 each.

Winners can choose a voucher for ILoveBoobies Merch or cash.

There are also 20 bike service vouchers from Cycles Direct-West Coast.

Are their prizes for positions?
, this is a mass participation, feel good event, there are no winner winner chicken dinners. There are lucky draw prizes.

Will the results be displayed on the website?
Yes, as we receive your uploads, they will reflect on the website. 

How does my participation make a difference?
Breast Cancer is most prevalent of all cancers. ILoveBoobies provides breast screenings to women who face economical or logistical challenges in South Africa. Proceeds from the sale of merchandise and your entry fee are used to fund the screening programme.

By staying healthy and active you stand the best chance of preventing cancer. By talking about ILoveBoobies you create awareness for Breast Cancer and how important it is for Women to regularly check their breasts.  

By entering the event you have read, acknowledged and agreed to the terms and conditions of participation.